My name is Spencer Evans.

I am a game developer with, at the time of writing, over 10 years of experience building hobby projects and over 5 years of professional experience developing my own games and client projects. I’ve worked on everything from composing simple click through game “experiences” to developing immersive, story-driven worlds. Puzzle games, adventure games, shooters, multi-player… you name it, I’ve done it.

What is this blog?

Well, it is whatever I, and its followers, want it to be. Occasionally I will post interesting findings, thoughts, or gems related to game development and code. For the foreseeable future, I imagine the primary focus of posts will be C#, Unity, Visual Studio,Ruby, and HTML5 focused with a splash of AS3 and Adobe AIR / Flash (yes, I said it, Flash). I may also riff on life in San Francisco. Feel free if to reach out if there is anything you’re interested in learning more about.

What’s up with the name?

I love tacos, the mind-bending challenge of game development, and the sleep-depriving excitement of foraying into the ambiguous world of entrepreneurship. That’s my life, Tacos and Strife.

I hope that whatever you find here, you find to be useful or at least amusing.

Happy building,


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